Work in worth II

After work I go to the place I like by the river. I have spent hours here, thoughts softening to the sound of the waves. The sky is indigo tonight. I have admired this sunset nearly everyday for the last six years, only now am I sharing the view.

It has been so important to me to speak on this topic, I know my experience is shared with many, women especially. I am sitting on the edge of the concrete wall thinking, bats circling in the sky. You know your girly has to find the meaning of this. So here it is, the symbolic meaning of bats:

‘Prepare for rebirth! Use your own power and be flexible. The time is now!’

Here is what I will do. I will accept the role, hand in my notice for my weekend job, and use all the extra time I will now have to focus intensely on my goals. I will develop my artistic skills and talents, invest in my own growth and learning, establish myself as an entrepreneur. One thing I have done in my life thus far is overcome. And I will continue to overcome. And I will overcome and I will overcome.




Dear Self,

Go easy on you. There will be days when you feel you have failed. Where you didn’t get it right. Where you didn’t say it right. Why be afraid of what you feel? Anxiety can be a beautiful thing. It means there is a sensitivity in you that you can play with, and your sensitivity is your superpower.


Nadège x

I am about to start my day, and I am feeling soo good.


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