So much has happened since I last wrote here. I went to Andalucía on a writing retreat. That was my promise. I wrote a play. I turned 25. I ended a few close relationships.
2016 brought me to my knees. It has been make and it has been break, break, break. I have become a fan of the author Glennon Doyle Melton who speaks of life being ‘brutiful’. Brutal, but beautiful and sometimes both within the same minute. She says that God doesn’t always give us love for it to last forever, but God gives us love to change us. She says that pain knocks on everybody’s door and the smartest people are the people who say ‘come in’ and ‘don’t leave until you’ve taught me all I need to know’. She says that we are all born truth tellers and too often end up telling our truths in different ways then words, like on our arms and inside our addictions. I just know that when I write and I see the truth on the page that I’m too frightened to tell the world, I feel released. It feels like grace.
In 2016 I learned to celebrate baby steps and how great a teacher sadness is. I learned that the way people show up for you when you are in pain tells you everything about the role they play in your lives. In 2016 I fell in love and I failed in love. We were from two different worlds, and they just kept missing each other. In this eclipse I learned that nothing done in love is ever done in vain, that is the beauty of forever. There is no such thing as an unhappy ending.
A few months ago, I wrote a post titled ‘When you wish upon a star’, and manifested near enough everything on my vision board. I travelled to the gorgeous Alpujarran Mountains where a special part of my childhood lives and where The Alchemist, one of my favourite books is set. That was my wish on a star and fortunately for me, there is an entire galaxy bursting with stars for me to wish on.
I wish you all more love, more life, and more learning in 2017.
I know I’m a little late but, Happy new year.
Nadège x
My trip to Ferreirola writing retreat, Andalucía.

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