The places I visit on my pillow (02.07.17)

Can you believe it is the one year anniversary of In Her Sweet Dreams?
It has been a year and a day since I posted ‘Promises’. Currently I’m reading the book The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. I am about two chapters in, and there is something she said that has really resonated with me. ‘Projection is perception’. This means that the thoughts you hold about a person or situation isn’t the reality of that person or thing. You literally make up your own story and project it in the world and onto others. Therefore the way you see things, especially people are not a reflection of how they are, they are a reflection of how you are. I genuinely believe that the foundation of true understanding and compassion is being aware of yourself. Gabby has requested that I begin the process of image making by answering the question ‘what do you want to see?’ and to be unapologetic in the answer, so, here goes.
Nadège, what do you want to see?
I want to see my smile. Right here, and in the countries I visit on my pillow. I want to see myself with people who cut paths for themselves in the dark, and bring everyone with them in their forward momentum. I want to see myself with a man who glows and laughs with me everyday. I want to see homes. For those  who have been left homeless from wars and bombs and fires and death and dysfunction in the family. I want to see myself in love, and always speaking what is on my heart. I want to see myself singing and dancing in New Orleans and Bali and Cuba. I want to see me keeping the promises I made to myself; writing poetry, cooking more, eating well. I want to see myself telling people in conversation that I am confident and I do love myself and knowing that this is true. I want to see myself maintaining consistent exercise practices, my feet on beach floors and high numbers in my bank account. I want to see healing in my family. I want to see the overcoming of anxiety, depression, schizophrenia. I want to see my work soar, and I want to hold it in my hands. I want to see myself smiling at myself in the mirror, because I am so pleased with what I see.

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